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Name of the club
Afghan Students’ Association {ASA}

The purpose of the club is to organize social, cultural and educational activities at U of T campuses. The club believes that organization of such events will serve three objectives:

  1. they will enhance the understanding of the afghan students of their own culture
  2. they will help raise awareness among U of T students of Afghans and their culture
  3. they will provide opportunities for Afghan students to consolidate and enhance their social networks

The ASA is not a political organization and will not participate in or organize any activity or gathering which is designed to promote the cause of any current Afghan political party/group inside or outside of Afghanistan. The ASA also expects all outside participants of the club’s functions/events to respect the club’s objectives. (Amended on Sept. 8, 1997, with the majority approval)

The club is constituted of Afghan students studying at U of T and its membership is open to all members of U of T community provided that they have an understanding of the rules and regulations and show respect for the objectives of the club. There is a $10.00 membership fee and voluntary financial contribution to the club by its members is highly appreciated. All club members are allowed to run for any executive office and/or vote for any candidate in elections. Please see article 7 for more details.

The following positions do not have specific boundaries, and anyone may be asked to help others with activities of the club. The duration of office shall run from the beginning to the end of academic year. After their respective office terms, the outgoing officers may serve as an advisory board to the club at the discretion of the newly elected officers

Duties of the Executives


  • to be present at all meetings
  • to act as chairperson at all meetings
  • cosigns cheques with the treasurer
  • acts as the spokesperson and liaison officer for the club
  • ensures that the objectives, rules and regulations of the club are respected
  • ensures that activities of the club are run efficiently and on time
  • has the right to convene executive or general meetings


  • shall assist the president in all club matters
  • has the right to exercise presidential powers and duties in the absence of the president
  • should be present in all meetings
  • should help other officers in their duties
  • should facilitate communications among all members


  • should be present at all meetings
  • keeps track of the club’s budget
  • cosigns cheques with the president
  • prepares monthly financial report of the club

Social and Cultural Coordinator:

  • fosters Afghan culture among U of T students
  • should be aware of social and cultural activities organized by other student bodies on campus
  • has the responsibility for the smooth and efficient running of social and cultural activities of the club
  • reports to the club on all activities, revenues and expenditures if occurred

Public Relations Officer:

  • should be present at all meetings
  • may act as a spokesperson at club’s events
  • informs the public about the upcoming events through advertising and publicity
  • encourages new students to join the association
  • assists the association by contacting events participants for club’s upcoming event


  • should be present at all meetings
  • writes down meeting’s minutes
  • summarizes the contents of meetings and distributes them to the other executive members within two days
  • informs the members about the upcoming meetings and events


The club will prepare a budget at the beginning of each academic term and submit it to the SAC. The budget will outline the planned activities of the club and a breakdown of estimated costs and revenues. There is no compulsory membership fee and any revenue accrued from voluntary contributions will be reported in the budget.

There will be one regular general meeting of the club each month but more meetings might be arranged if necessary. The president has the right to convene an executive or general meeting if necessary and other members have the right to convene an executive meeting through petition.

General elections will be held in the last two weeks of the school year. The elections will be announced by the president two weeks before the set date. Campaigns for the elections may begin only one week before the set date. Any member of the club can run for any office position provided that he/she has attended at least 50% of the club meetings throughout the year. For reasons of legitimacy, three-fourths (75%) of the club members must be present at all elections. Each member has one voting privilege and voting by proxy is not permissible. The executives of the club will hold office for one year (September – September).

Amendments to the club’s constitution require approval by two thirds majority of the voting members after the appropriate notice has been given.