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The main purpose of the Afghan Students’ Association (ASA) is to provide Afghan Students with an opportunity to get together and organize social, cultural and educational events at U of T campuses. We believe that organizing such events will enhance the understanding of the Afghan students of their own culture, help raise awareness amongst the U of T community of the Afghan people and their culture, and will also provide opportunities for Afghan students to consolidate and enhance their social networks. We believe in serving the Afghan community by motivating gatherings of Afghan students and planning social, cultural and educational events. However, the ASA does not promote the cause of any political party or group.


The ASA welcomes any Afghan youth who is currently attending or who has graduated from U of T irrespective of his/her ethnic, religious or political affiliation.


The ASA holds at least one general meeting each month which is open to all members and an executive meeting which is open to members of the executive team.


All executive members are elected in a general annual election. Elections are held in the last two weeks of each school year. Any member of the club can run for any office position provided that he/she has attended at least 50% of the club meetings throughout the year. For reasons of legitimacy, three-fourths (75%) of the club members must be present at all elections. Each member has one voting privilege and voting by proxy is not permissible. The executives of the club holds office for one calender year (e.g. September 2001 – September 2002).